Lot 18- "Newt" 2020 Draft Cross Gelding


"Newt" is a Sorrel Sabino colored, 16 hands tall, 4 year old Half Draft gelding. He has an excellent foundation/training on him ensuring that he will be a great partner for his owner. He loves people and is very likeable. He gets along well with other horses and other animals. He stands tied really well, is quiet when being groomed, saddled and bridled. He stands well for the farrier, worming, clipping, bathing. He is hobble trained with front hobbles as well as sideline hobbles. He loads well and travels quietly in the trailer. He loves going on trails and has a nice ground covering walk and travels the trails nicely, goes over deadfall and through water easily, he has been on cattle drives and handles it well.  Newt is also very nice in the arena. He knows his leads very well, his back-up is very nice, he sidepasses easily, he stops like a reining horse, he can back circles with ease, you can move his shoulders and hips with leg pressure to shape him for lead departures and  counterbending  he is soft from his poll to his hips. He knows how to Bow on one knee from just a cue, he is stump trained for a little extra help in mounting this tall horse. I have enjoyed training and riding Newt and I have a lot of training videos of him on Youtube that I believe you will enjoy.

This horse is offered exclusively at the Fall Round Up Horse Sale, October 11-12, in Heber City, Utah. Click HERE for event details.


BREED: Half Draft

GENDER: Gelding


COLOR: Sorrel Sabino

HEIGHT: 16 hands

WEIGHT: 1150



TEMPERAMENT RATING 1 (easy going) thru 5 (handful): 2

LIST SKILLS: Trail riding, arena, performance, ranch, roping, tricks (Bowing on cue)

CONSIGNOR NAME: Kevin Torgersen

PHONE NUMBER: 4352011440

EMAIL: [email protected]

FACEBOOK @ (if applicable): Kevin Torgersen

INSTAGRAM @ (if applicable): debnhal

Listing Order: 18

Phone: 4352011440

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