Baxter Springs

Lot 59- "Tango" 2017 Friesian X Percheron Gelding


Tango  is one of a kind! His big, easy and powerful lope and stature will make you feel like you’re loping down the beach with a princess gown or sword at your side! He stands a solid 16.2+, 1680lbs, and 7 years of age. He is a Percheron x Friesian Cross.
Tango walks out with confidence no matter where you want to go. He has a big ground covering trot and an easy lope down the trail. Tango is great over all types of obstacles including water, brush, ditches, and bridges.
Tango has been used at the sale barn to pen back cattle, gather pastures, and sort in the alley. He’s played over ground poles, cross rails, and small jumps in the English saddle too! He’s also been exposed to different style cross country jumps and loves it!
Tango has all the skills and the athletic ability to do well in the three day eventing ring or follow the hounds in the Foxhunting field.
Tango will lope pretty circles on either lead, has a big ground covering walk and a delicate trot for his size.Tango will sidepass both ways and perform haunch and forehand turns. He can sidepass up to any type of gate and has a beautiful collection about him.
Tango loves a good party trick and will happily play with the sled, ball, flag and much more. He loads easily and will back out or turn around according to your preference. Tango will sidepasses to the mounting block, fence, or trailer fender for easy mounting.
Tango is up to date on dental, vaccinations, coggins, chiropractic care, hoof care, and worming. Tango will also sell with our optional two day clinic at our home facility in Baxter Springs, Kansas in addition to a comprehensive manual on Tango’s cues, habits, and health information. Please call or text John: (208)310-5686 or Molly: (208)566-3050 for more information about Tango. We’ll see you in Heber City this Fall “The Place for Good Horses!”

This horse is offered at the Fall Round Up Horse Sale, October 11-12, in Heber City, Utah. Click HERE for event details.


BREED: Friesian x Percheron

GENDER: Gelding



HEIGHT: 16.2

WEIGHT: 1680lb

LOCATION OF HORSE: Baxter Springs, Kansas


TEMPERAMENT RATING 1 (easy going) thru 5 (handful): 3

LIST SKILLS: Dressage, Ranch, Trails, Foxhunting, Hunter Pace

CONSIGNOR NAME: John and Molly Sparrow

RANCH or BUSINESS NAME (if applicable): JM Lazy S Versatility and Family Horses

PHONE NUMBER: 2085663050

EMAIL: [email protected]

Listing Order: 59

Phone: 2085663050

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