Lot 55- "Whiskey" 2020 Half Draft Gelding


Whiskey is a gentle giant in every way! He doesn't make a wrong move. He's stunning to look at and incredibly dependable in what we expect out of him. He's a nice solid boned, soft moving, comfortable horse to enjoy. He plays with the ball, tarp, crosses anything you point him towards. He's a go to for us to have novice riders or first time riders hop on. He has so much potential to make someone or multiple people happy. Because of his size, great mind, laid back nature and easy movement he is an excellent candidate for literally ANY rider. He also knows how to bow, sit and lay down. He ponies horses and has been ponied. 

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This horse is offered at the Fall Round Up Horse Sale, October 11-12, in Heber City, Utah. Click HERE for event details.

BARN NAME: Whiskey

BREED: Half Draft

GENDER: Gelding


COLOR: Palomino


WEIGHT: 1300



REGISTERED NAME (if applicable): NA

REGISTRATION TYPE (if applicable): NA

TEMPERAMENT RATING 1 (easy going) thru 5 (handful): 1

LIST SKILLS: Family, Lesson, 4H, Trail Horse, Husband Horse, Ranch Horse, Rope Horse, Dressage Horse


RANCH or BUSINESS NAME (if applicable): Baus Horses

PHONE NUMBER: 507-202-1994

EMAIL: [email protected]

WEBSITE (if applicable):

FACEBOOK @ (if applicable):

INSTAGRAM @ (if applicable): @baus.horses

Listing Order: 55

Phone: 507-202-1994

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