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Eric Adams

Hello everyone let me start off by saying how excited we are to be part of the Southern Belle Classic. I'm Eric Adams and since I was just a young boy my summers, evenings, after school and weekends were spent on the back of a horse or pony and I'm proud to say that my girls Sadie (11) and Lynnlee (5) are reliving my childhood. We ride together, train together and together we make up Adams Horse and Mule Company. We are 5th generation horsemen keeping an old tradition alive in a new world.
Since 2005 we have done things differently than my dad, grandpa and great grandpa did... we have marketed our horses who have completed our training program over the internet. We have placed horses in all 50 states and other countries such as Germany, France, Sweden, Dubai, Puerto Rico and Australia. We know our horses and their skill set, now we need to get to know you and make a perfect match for your next dream come true! We look forward to meeting you in Aiken and presenting to you a nice set of horses!
  • PHONE NUMBER: 6063082461

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